{cke_protected}{C}%3C!%2D%2Darea%20Type%3D%22subhead%22%20face%3D%22Helvetica%2C%20Verdana%2C%20Arial%22%20size%3D%223%22%20color%3D%22%23FFFFFF%22%20style%3D%220%22%2D%2D%3EHere is a list of all the cds I own right now.  

The Total CD Count Is  (1850)
Personal Mix Series:
Hard As Hell  (10 Total)
Depression Sux (6 Total)
Nature's Fury (7 Total)
Technological (3 Total)
Culture Shock (3 Total)
Metal (5 Total)

2 Mental   "Destroy & Rebuild"
3 Doors Down   "The Better Life"
3 Doors Down   "Seventeen Days"
3 Doors Down   "Away From The Sun"
3 Doors Down   "3 Doors Down"
3 lb. Thrill   "Vulture"
3rd Strike   "Lost Angel"
4x4 Trucks   Compilation
7 Seconds   "Walk Together, Rock Together"
7 Stones   "Beyond The New"
8 Mile   Soundtrack   Disc 1
8 Mile   Soundtrack   Disc 2
10 Minute Warning   "10 Minute Warning"
10 Years   "The Autumn Effect"

10 Years   "Division"
12 Stones   "12 Stones"
12 Stones   "Potter's Field"
12 Stones   "Anthem For The Underdog"
13 Engines   "Perpetual Motion Machine"
13 Engines   "A Blur To Me Now"
16 Fiddler's Greatest Hits   Compilation
22 Brides   "22 Brides"
22 Brides   "Breaker"
30 Amp Fuse   "Saturday Night At The Atomic Speedway"
40 Grit   "Heads"

+44   "When Your Heart Stops Beating"
100 Best Opera Classics   Compilation   Disc 1
100 Best Opera Classics   Compilation   Disc 2
100 Best Opera Classics   Compilation   Disc 3
100 Best Opera Classics   Compilation   Disc 4
100 Best Opera Classics   Compilation   Disc 5
100 Best Opera Classics   Compilation   Disc 6
311   "Music"
700 Miles   "700 Miles"
1776   Soundtrack
Aaliyah   "Aaliyah"
Aborted   "The Archaic Abattoir"

Absence, The   "Riders of The Plague"
Acceptance   "Black Lines To Battlefields"
Accident Experiment, The   "United We Fear"
Covered In Black An Industrial Tribute To The Kings Of High Voltage AC/DC   Compilation
Acumen Nation   "More Human Heart"

Adam Lambert   "Trespassing"
Addict   "Stones"
Adema   "Adema"
Adema   "Unstable"
Adema   "Planets"
Adiemus    "Songs of Sanctuary"
Ad Vielle Que Pourra   "New French Folk Music"
Aerosmith   "Big Ones"
Aeternus   "A Darker Monument"
AFI   "Blakc Sails In The Sunset"
Africa   "Drum, Chant & Instrumental Music"   Compilation
After Forever   "After Forever"
Afters, The   "Beautiful Love"
Afro Celt Sound System   "Volume 2: Release"
Agatus   "The Weaving Fates"
Age Of Mythology   Soundtrack

Age of Empires III   Soundtrack
Aghora   "Aghora"
Aina   "Days of Rising Doom - The Metal Opera"   Compilation   Disc 1
Aina   "Days of Rising Doom - The Metal Opera"   Compilation   Disc 2
Aion   "Noia"
Air Tight Experiment   "These Go To Eleven"
Alabama 3   "Exile On Coldharbour Lane"
Alabama 3   "Exile On Coldharbour Lane"   Bonus Disc

Aladdin   Soundtrack
Alas   "Absolute Purity"
Alastis   "The Other Side"
Alice Cooper   "Greatest Hits"
Alice In Chains   "Nothing Safe"
Alien Ant Farm   "Anthology"
Alisha's Attic   "Alisha Rules The World"
Altaria   "Invitation"
All-American Rejects, The   "The All-American Rejects"
Allison Iraheta   "Just Like You"
Almost, The   "Southern Weather"
Altar The Sky   "Plight Of The Vomit Eagle"
Aly & AJ    "Insomniatic"
Aly & AJ    "Into the Rush"
Amanda Ghost   "Ghost Stories"

Amaranthe   "Massive Addictive"
Amaranthe   "Helix"
American Pearl   "American Pearl"
American Popular   "Sold Out (The American Way)"
Amici Forever   "Defined"
Aminiature   "Depth Five Rate Six"
Amorphis   "Elegy"

Amorphis   "Eclipse"
Amorphis   "Am Universum"
Amorphis   "Far From The Sun"
Amorphis   "Tuonela"
Amory   "Holding On By The Blindfolds We Hide Behind"
Amps, The   "Pacer"
Anam Cara   "Ready To Live"
Anastacia  "Freak of Nature"
Anastacia   Soundtrack
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail OF Dead   "Worlds Apart"

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail OF Dead   "Madonna"
Andrew W.K.   "I Get Wet"
Angelfish   "Angelfish"
An Emotional Fist   "An Emotional Fist"
Angtoria   "God Has A Plan For Us All"
Animal Bag   "Animal Bag"
Anyone   "Anyone"
Apiary   "Lost In Focus"
Apocalyptica    "Worlds Collide"

Apocalyptica    "7th Symphony"
Apollo four Forty   "Gettin' High On Your Own Supply"
Aqua   "Aquarium"
Arachnes   "Parallel Worlds"
Archetype    "Dawning"
Arcturus   "Aspera Hiems Symfonia, Constellation, My Angel"   Disc 1
Arcturus   "Aspera Hiems Symfonia, Constellation, My Angel"   Disc 2
Argyle Park   "Misguided"
Arise From Thorns   "Before An Audience Of Stars"
Armand Van Helden   "Killing Puritans"
Armored Saint   "Symbol Of Salvation"

Army Of Me   "Rise"
Arrested Decay   "Starlight Death"
Artension   "Sacred Pathways" 
Art of Destruction   "Retaliate"

Ascension of the Watchers   "Numinosum"
A Shade Of Dew   Compilation
Ashley Tisdale   "Headstrong" 
As I Lay Dying   "Frail Words Collapse"

Aspire   "Quest Eternal"
Asrai   "Touch In The Dark"
Asrai   "Pearls In Dirt"
Astralwerks- Fallwerks 2006   Compilation
Astroqueen   "Into Submission"
Atom God   "History Re-Written"
At War With Society   Compilation
Audiovent   "Dirty Sexy Knights In Paris"

Audition, The   "Controversy Loves Company"
Autumn Tears   "The Garden Of Crystalline Dreams"
Authority Zero   "A Passage In Time"

Authority Zero   "Rhythm & Booze"
Avantasia   "The Metal Opera"
Avantasia   "The Metal Opera Pt II"
Avantasia   "The Scarecrow"
Avantasia   "Lost In Space Part 1 & 2"
Avantasia   "Ghostlights"

Avantasia   "The Mystery of Time"
Avantasia   "Around The World In Twenty Days"   Disc 1
Avantasia   "Around The World In Twenty Days"   Disc 2
Avenged Sevenfold   "City Of Evil"
Avenged Sevenfold   "Waking The Fallen"
Avernus   "Where The Sleeping Shadows Lie"
Avion   "Avion"
Avril Lavigne   "Let Go"
Avril Lavigne   "Metal Resistance"
Baby Metal   "Waking The Fallen
Baby Namboos, The   "ANCOATS2ZAMBIA"
Backstabbers Incorporated   "Bare As Bones" 
Bad Boy Ballads   Compilation
Bad Boy's 10th Anniverssary...The Hits   Compilation   Disc 1
Badlands   "Voodoo Highway"

Bamboo   "As The Music Plays"   Disc 1
Bamboo   "As The Music Plays"   Disc 2
Barcode Records   "Better Living Through Reckless Experimentation"    Compilation
Basia   "London Warsaw New York"
Basia   "Sweetest Illusion"

Battle Beast   "Bringer of Pain"
Beast In Black   "Berserker"
Beautiful, The   "Storybook"
Beautiful Creatures   "Beautiful Creatures"
Beautiful Mistake, The   "This Is Who We Are"
Beck   "Loser"

Beenie Man   "Back To Basics"
Ben Arnold   "Almost Speechless"
Beneath The Veil   "Zingaia"
Ben Neill   "Triptycal"
Bent   "The Everlasting Blink"
Best of Trance, Vol 1   Compilation
Betray My Secrets   "Betray My Secrets"
Between Home And Serenity   "Power Weapons In The Complex"
Bevis Frond, The   "New Rivers Head [Reckless]"
Bewitched   "Dragonflight"
Beyond The Noise   Compilation
Big Iron   "Falling Down"
Big Shiny Tunes 6   Compilation
Bill Whalen   "Riverdance - Music From The Show"
Biomechanical   "The Empires of the Worlds"
Black Eyed Peas, The   "The E.N.D. (Energy Never Dies)"
Blackfish   "Sweet Sixteen"
Black Label Society   "Sonic Brew"
Black Lung   "The Depolution Bomb"
Black Sabboth   "We Sold Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll"
Black Sabboth, A True Metal Tribute To    "Evil Lives"   Compilation
Black Symphony   "Tears of Blood"
Black Tide   "Light From Above"

Black Tide   "Post Mortem"
Black Widow   "Satan's Playground"
Blaqk Audio   "Cexcells"
Bled, The   "Found In The Flood"
Bled, The   "Pass The Flask"
Bleeding Through   "This Is Love, This Is Murderous"
Blind Guardian   "Nightfall In Middle-Earth"
Blind Guardian   "Somewhere Far Beyond"
Blink 182   "Dude Ranch"
Blohole   "Leave It To Blohole" 
Bloodsimple   "A Cruel World"

Blue October   "Foiled"
Blue Oyster Cult   "On Your Feet or on Your Knees"
Blue Sky Mile   "Sands Once Seas"
Boeing   "Beta"
Bogmen, The   "Closed Caption Radio"
Boiler Room   "Can't Breathe"
Boneheads   "Donkey"
Bone Shelter   "Circumfusion"
Bon Jovi   "This Left Feels Right"
Bon Jovi   "Cross-Road: The Best Of Bon Jovi"
Book Of Reflections   "Book Of Reflections"
Booth And The Bad Angel   "Booth And The Bad Angel"
Boysetsfire   "The Misery Index: Notes from The Plague Years"
Boysetsfire   "Before The Eulogy"
Boys Night Out   "Make Yourself Sick"
Boys Night Out   "Trainwreck"
Breaking Benjamin   "Saturate"
Breaking Benjamin   "We Are Not Alone"
Breaking Benjamin   "Phobia"
Breaking Benjamin   "Dear Agony"
Breaking Point   "Beautiful Disorder"
Breaking Point   "Coming Of Age"
Bree Sharp   "A Cheap and Evil Girl"
Bret Michaels   "A Letter From Death Row The Album"

Brian McKnight   "20th Century Masters"
Bride   "Snakes In The Playground"
Brides Of Destruction   "Here Come The Brides"

Britney Spears   "Britney"
Brothers   Soundtrack
Bruce Carroll   "Boomerang"
Buffy The Vampire Slayer   "Once More, With Feeling"   Soundtrack

Bulletproof Messenger   "The Crucial Line"
Burner   "One For The Road"

Burn It Down   "Let the Dead Bury the Dead"
Bush  "Sixteen Stone"
Bush   "Razorblade Suitcase"
Bush   "The Science Of Things"
Bush   "Golden State"

Busta Rhymes   "Genesis"
Busta Rhymes   "The Big Bang" 
Busta Rhymes   "Total Devastation: The Best Of Busta Rhymes"
Buzzhorn, The  "Disconnected"
Buzzlighter   "Direct Connections"   Compilation
By The Grief   "As One"
Caedmon's Call   "Caedmon's Call"
Cake   "Fashion Nugget"

Calico System   "They Live"
Callapsis   "Dirty Wake"
Calling, The   "Camino Palmero"
Candlebox   "Lucy"
Candlemass   "Candlemass"
Candyskins, The   "Death Of A Minor TV Celebrity"
Capitol Radio   Compilation
Cassidy   "B.A.R.S.: The Barry Adrian Reese Story"

Cat Empire, The   "Two Shoes"
Catherine   "Hot Saki & Bedtime stories"
Cee-Lo   "Cee-Lo Green...Is The Soul Machine"
Celebrity Deathmatch   Soundtrack
Celtic Journey   "Celtic Journey"
Centaur   "God Complex"
Cerebrocide   "Delusion"
Chacon   "Matches And Gasolines"
Chainsaw Kittens   "Angel On The Range"
Chakra's Dream   "Feng Shui"
Chalice   "Chameleonation"
Chamillionaire   "Mixtape Messiah Vol 5" 
Chamillionaire   "The Sound Of Revenge"
Charles & Eddie   "Chocolate Milk"
Cheapskates   Compilation
Chemlab   "East Side Militia"
Chemistry, The   "The Chemistry"
Cher   "The Very Best of"
Cherry Monroe   "Satellites"   Single
Chevelle   "Wonder What's Next"
Chic   "The Best Of Chic"
Children of the Revolution   "Children of the Revolution"
Chinchilla   "Madness"
Chlorine   "Primer"
Chris Caffery   "Faces"
Chris Caffery   "The Damn War"
Chris Gaines   "Greatest Hits"
Christian Smith   "Tronic Treatment"
Christopher Lawrence   "United States Of Trance"
Church, The   "Deadman's Hand"
Ciborium   "Colossal Crags"

Circle II Circle   "Watching In Silence"
Circuit Breaker   "Danger! High Voltage"

Citizen Way   "2.0"
City Rockers   "A Tribute To The Clash"
CKY   "Volume 1"
CKY   "An Asnwer To Be Found"
Classics On Ice   Compilation Disc 1
Classics On Ice   Compilation Disc 2
Classics On Ice   Compilation Disc 3
Clawfinger   "Clawfinger"
Clawfinger   "Deaf Dumb Blind"
Clean Static   "Clean Static"
Coal Chamber   "Coal Chamber"
Coal Chamber   "Dark Days"
Coal Chamber, Misc   "Chamber Music, Misc"   Compilation
Coalesce   "Give Them Rope"
Coheed and Cambria   "The Second Stage Turbine Blade"

Coheed and Cambria   "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth"
Coheed and Cambria   "Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through the Eyes of Madness"
Cold   "Cold"
Cold   "13 Ways To Bleed On Stage"
Cold   "A Different Kind of Pain"
Coldplay   "A Rush Of Blood To The Head"
Cold Sides   "Cold Sides"
Collective Soul   "Disciplined Breakdown"
Collective Soul   "Dosage"
Colt Prather   Sampler
Combichrist   "What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People?"
Communic   "Conspiracy In Mind"
Contaminated 5.0   Compilation
Coquettish   "High Energy Politics"
Cottonbelly   "NYC Sessions 1993/2004 - X Amounts Of Niceness"
Couch Spiders   "Passion"
Counting Crows   "Recovering the Satellites"

​Course of Empire   "Initiation
Courtney Love   "America's Sweetheart"
Cradle Of Filth   "Cruelty And The Beast"
Cranberries, The   "No Need To Argue"
Cranberries, The   "Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?"
Crash Palace   "Crash Palace"

Crash Romeo   "Minutes To Miles"
Crazytown   "Darkhorse"
Crazytown   "The Gift Of Game"
Creed   "Human Clay"
Creed   "Weathered"
Creedence Clearwater Revival   "Chronicle Vol 1"
Crematory   "Act Seven"
Criminal   "Dead Soul"
Crossbreed   "Synthetic Division"
Crossfade   "Crossfade"
Crow, The   Soundtrack

Crown The Empire  "The Fallout"   Disc 1
Crown The Empire  "The Fallout"   Disc 2
Cruxshadows, The   "Dreamcypher"
Cruxshadows, The   "Paradox Addendum"
Cryhavoc   "Pitch-Black Blues"
Crystal Method   "Tweekend"
Crystal Zoo   "Pouch"
Culture Shock   "Sinners Bible"   Compilation
Culture Shock   "Rap Mix"   Compilation
Culture Shock   "Soda Rock"   Compilation
Curt Boettcher   "Another Time"
Cyclefly   "Crave"
Cyclefly   "Generation Sap"
Cydonia   "Cydonia"
D12   "Devil's Night"
DAG   "Apartment #635"
D.A.M.   "Human Wreckage"
Damnation A.D.   "In This Life Or The Next"
Daniel Cage   "Loud On Earth"
Daniel Lioneye   "King of Rock'n Roll"
Dark Assembly   Compilation
Darkness, The   "Permission To Land"
Darkseed    "Give Me Light"
Darling Cruel   "Passion Crimes"
Darude   "Before The Storm"
Darwin's Waiting Room   "Orphan"
Daughtry   "Daughtry"
Dave Douglas   "Strange Liberation"
Da Vinci Project, The   Compilation
Dawn Of Relic   "One Night In Carcosa"
Daysend   "Severance"

D-Boyz   "New World No Order"
Dead And Divine   "The Fanciful"
Deadlines, The   "Fashion Over Function"
Deadstoolpigeon   "Statue"

Deadstring Brothers   "Starving Winter Report"
Deadsy   "Commencement"
Deadsy   "Phantasmagore"
Dear Ephesus   "The Consolation Of Pianissimo"
Dear Life   "Framework
Dearly Beheaded   "Chamber Of One"
Death   "Symbolic"
Deathmole   "??? & Moletopopolis Excerpts"
Deathmole   "Long Songs & Trial Period Excerpts"
Death Note III  Soundtrack
Deathrow   "Deception Ignored"
Deep   "Pieces Of Nothing"

Deep Forest   "Boheme"
Deep Thoughts   "Deep Thoughts"   Compilation
Default   "The Fallout"
Deftones   "Around The Fur"

Deftones   "Diamond Eyes"
Delirious?   "World Service"
Demons & Wizards   "Demons & Wizards"
Demons & Wizards   "Touched by the Crimson King"
Depression Sux   Compilation
Depression Sux Dos   Compilation
Depression Sux Trois   Compilation
Depression Sux Vier   Compilation
Depression Sux Cinque   Compilation
Depression Sux Shest'   Compilation
De Profundis   "Siecle De Cendres"
Depswa   "Two Angels And A Dream"
Destiny's End   "Transition"

DevilDriver   "Winter Kills"
DevilDriver   "The Fury Of Our Maker's Hand"
Devil's Rejects, The   Soundtrack
D Generation   "Through The Darkness"
Din Pedals, The   "The Din Pedals"
Die Cheerleader   "Son Of Filth"

Die Form   "Inhuman"
Die Monster Die   "Withdrawal Method"
Digital Mafia   "Corrupted Data"
Dio   "The Very Best of Dio"

Dirty Pretty Things   "Waterloo To Anywhere"
Dishwalla   "Opaline"
Disney's Greatest Vol 1   Compilation
Disney's Rascal Songs   Compilation
Disney's Ultimate Swashbuckler Collection   Compilation
Disturbed   "The Sickness"
Disturbed   "Believe"

Disturbed   "Ten Thousand Fists"
Disturbed   "Asylum"
Disturbed   "Indestructible"
Disturbed   "Evolution"
World's Greatest Tribute To Disturbed   Compilation
Divided Multitude   "Falling To Pieces"
DJ Enrie   "Welcome To The Mix Show"
DJ Fluid   "Sounds Of Om, Vol. 5"
DJ Lady Tribe   "Cholo Super Mix"   Disc 1
DJ Micro   "Music Through Me"
DJ Mixed.com   "Keoki"
DJ Ray Munns   "Ray's House"
DJ Skribble   "Essential Dance 2000"
DJ's General Mobilization   Compilation   Disc 1
DJ's General Mobilization   Compilation   Disc 2
Dofka   "Toxic Wasteland"
Dog's Eye View   "Happy Nowhere"
Doomstone   "Satanavoid"
Don Henley   "Inside Job"
Doro   "Calling The Wild"
Do Something   "Taco Bell"
Doubledrive    "Blue In The Face"
Dover   "I Was Dead For 7 Weeks In The City Of Angels"
Doves   "The Last Broadcast"
Doves   "The Last Broadcast"   Bonus Disc
Downer   "Downer"
Down From The Mountain, O Brother Where Art Thou   Compilation

Down To Earth Approach   "Come Back To You"
Duburia   "The Situation"
Duran Duran   "Greatest"
Dust To Dust   "Dust To Dust"
Dust For Life   "Dust For Life"
Dutch Rock   "Alive & Well VII"   Compilation
Dracula, Bram Strokers   Soundtrack
Dragonforce   "Inhuman Rampage"

Dragonforce   "Ultra Beatdown"
The String Tribute Players   "Dragonforce String Tribute"
Drain S.T.H.   "Horror Wrestling"
Drain S.T.H.   "Freaks Of Nature"
Dr. Dre   "Chronicle: Best Of The Works"
Dream Dance , Vol. 18   Compilation   Disc 1
Dream Dance , Vol. 18   Compilation   Disc 2
Dream Evil   "Gold Medal In Metal  "Alive""
Dream Evil   "Gold Medal In Metal  "Archive""
Dream Evil   "The Book of Heavy Metal"
Dreamside, The   "Faery Child"
Dream Theater   "Systematic Chaos"
Dream Theater   "Awake"
Dream Theater   "Images And Words"
Dream Theater   "Falling Into Infinity"
Dream Theater   "Octavarium"
Dream Theater   "20th Anniversery World Tour"   Disc 1
Dream Theater   "20th Anniversery World Tour"   Disc 2
Dream Theater   "20th Anniversery World Tour"   Disc 3
Driver Eight   "Watermelon"

Driver Side Impact   "The Very Air We Breathe"
Dropping Daylight   "Brace Yourself"
Drowning Pool   "Sinner"
Dry Kill Logic   "The Darker Side of Nonsense"
DS 13   "Killed By The Kids"
Duburbia   "The Situation"
Dubtribe Sound System   "Baggage"
Dyllan Young   "Music For Driving"
Early November, The   "The Mother, The Mechanic and The Path"   Disc 1
Early November, The   "The Mother, The Mechanic and The Path"   Disc 2
Early November, The   "The Mother, The Mechanic and The Path"   Disc 3
Earshot   "Letting Go"
Earshot   "Two"
Earthsuit   "Kaleidoscope Superior"
East Village Opera Company, The   "East Village Opera Company, The"
Echobelly   "On"
Echoes Of Eternity   "The Fogotten Goddes"
Edgewater   "South Of Sideways"
Edguy   "Theater Of Salvation"

Edguy   "Hellfire Club"
Eiffel 65   "Europop"
Eighteen Visions   "Vanity"
Eighteen Visions   "Obsession"
Eighteen Visions   "Eighteen Visions"
Eighteen Visions   "Until The Ink Runs Out"
Eight Stops Seven   "In Moderation"
Electric President   "Electric President"
Elegy   "Principles of Pain"
Elsesphere    "Blind Leading The Blind"
Eluveitie   "Everything Remains (As It Never Was)"
Embodyment   "The Narrow Scope Of Things"
EMF   "Schubert Dip"
Eminem   "The Marshall Mathers LP"
Eminem   "The Slim Shady LP"
Eminem   "The Eminem Show"
Eminem   "Encore"
Eminem   "Encore"   Bonus Disc

Eminem   "Recovery"
Eminem & D12   "Ultimate Collection"
Enchanted   "Enchanted"
Endo   "Evolve"
Endo   "Songs For The Restless"
End Of Days   Soundtrack
Enemies, The   "Seize The Day"
Enforsaken   "The Forever Endeavor"
Enigma   "Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi!"
Enigma   "MCMXC a.D."
Enya   "A Day Without Rain"
Epica   "Consign To Oblivion"

Epica   "The Holographic Principle"
Epica   "The Quantum Enigma"
Epidemic   "Epidemic"
Epitaph Records, Extreme Sound Sampler   Compilation
Erin Hamilton   "One World"
Eterna   "Terra Nova"
Eternal Poison    "Thage Against The Majin"   Soundtrack
Evanescence   "Fallen"
Evanescence   "Anywhere But Home"
Evanescence   "The Open Door"
Everclear   "Sparkle And Fade"

Everlast   "Whitey Ford Sings The Blues"
Everdawn, The   "Poems: Burn The Past"
Evergreen Terrace   "Wolfbiker"
Evergreen Terrace   "Writer's Block"
Everything   "Supernatural"
Exies, The   "The Exies"
Exies, The   "Inertia"
Expanding Man   "Head To The Ground"
Explorers Club   "Age Of Impact"
Extreme   "Waiting For The Punchline"
Eyeball Awareness   "Volume 3"   Compilation
Eyes of A Traitor, The   "A Clear Perception"
Eyes of Eden   "Faith"
Eyes of Shiva   "Eyes of Soul"
Faculty, The   Soundtrack
Faith Hill   "Breathe"
Faith No More   "Angel Dust"

Fall Out Boy   "Save Rock And Roll"
Fangorn   "Pentatonische Furien"
Fastball   "The Harsh Light Of Day"

Fat   "Fat"
Fatal   "In the Line of Fire"
Fatboy Slim   "Halfway Between The Gutter And The Stars"
Fates Warning   "Still Life"   Disc 1
Fates Warning   "Still Life"   Disc 2
Faultline   "Your Love Means Everything"
Fear Cult   "Visionary Complex"
Fear Factory   "Soul Of A New Machine"
Fear Factory   "Fear Is The Mindkiller"
Fear Factory   "Obsolete"
Fear Factory   "Ramnufacture"
Federation   "It's Whateva"
Feds, The   "Kickball Player"
Feeling, The   "Twelve Stops And Home"
Fenix TX   "Lechuza"
Ferret Music 2004   Compilation
Fetchin' Bones   "Monsters"
Fiamma Fumana   "1.0"
Fieldy's Dream   "Rock N Roll Gangsta"
Filter   "Short Bus"
Filter   "The Amalgamut"
Final Fantasy 7   Soundtrack   Disc 1
Final Fantasy 7   Soundtrack   Disc 2
Final Fantasy 7   Soundtrack   Disc 3
Final Fantasy X   Soundtrack   Disc 1
Final Fantasy X   Soundtrack   Disc 2
Final Fantasy X   Soundtrack   Disc 3
Final Fantasy X   Soundtrack   Disc 4
Final Fantasy XIII   Soundtrack   Disc 1
Final Fantasy XIII   Soundtrack   Disc 2
Final Fantasy XIII   Soundtrack   Disc 3
Final Fantasy XIII   Soundtrack   Disc 4
Final Breath   "Flash-Burn+Crucifixes"
Finch   "What It Is To Burn"
Finger Eleven   "Greyest Of Blue Skies"
Finger Eleven   "Tip"
Finger Eleven   "Finger Eleven"
Finger Eleven   "Them Vs. You Vs. Me"
Finger Eleven   "Life Turns Electric"

Firewind   "Days of Defiance"
First Grade Crush   "Our Time Down Here"
Five Bolt Main   "Venting"

Five Finger Death Punch   "Got Your Six"
Five Finger Death Punch   "War Is The Answer"
Five Finger Death Punch   "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Vol. 1"
Five Finger Death Punch   "The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Vol. 2"
Flashpoint   "On The Verge..."
Flash Terrorist   "Body Fusion Limit"
Flatz   "Love & Violence"
Flaw   "Through The Eyes"
Flaw   "Endangered Species"

Flaw   "Divided We Fall"
Flight 16   "Flight 16"
Flybanger   "Headtrip To Nowhere"
Flying Blind   "Push"
Flyleaf   "Flyleaf"
Flyleaf   "Memento Mori" 
Flyleaf   "Remember To Live"
Fogmachine   "Quiet Like Sleep"
Foo Fighters   "Foo Fighters"
Foot   "Foot"
For Dire Life Sake   "Dance Pretend Forget Defend"
Foreigner   "Hot Blooded and Other Hits"
Foreigner   "No End in Sight: The Very Best of Foreigner"   Disc Two
Forthwright   "My Soul Secure"
Frail   "Watching You Fall"
Frank Caliendo   "Live On Opie And Anthony" 
Frankie Machine   "Frankie Machine"
Freedom Call   "Live Invasion"   Disc 1
Freedom Call   "Live Invasion"   Disc 2
Freestylers, The   "Fabriclive.19"
Fretblanket   "Home Truths From Abroad "
From All Sides   "From All Sides"
Frontier Index   "Frontier Index"

Frozen, Disney's   Soundtrack
Fudge Tunnel   "Creep Diets"
Fuel   "Sunburn"
Full Devil Jacket   "Full Devil Jacket"
Full Frequency   "Momentum"

Fun   "Some Nights"
Funereum   "Reflections In Metaphysica"
Fury In the Slaughterhouse   "Mono"

Future Leaders of The World   "Lvl IV"
Future Of Modern Sound, The   Compilation
Game Tight   Compilation
Gandalf   "Rock Hell"
Garbage   "Version 2.0"
Gardenian   "Soulburner"
Gardenian   "Sinoustrips"
Garth Brooks   "Double Live"   Disc 2
Garth Brooks   "In Pieces"

Gemini Syndrome   "Memento Mori"
Georgia   "Cabin Sessions Vol. 1"
George Thorogood   "Encore Collection: Extended Versions"

George Lynch   "Sacred Groove"
Geraldine Fibers, The   "Lost Somewhere Between The Earth And My Home"
Ghostbusters 2   Sountrack
Gin Blossoms   "New Miserable Experience"
Gingersol   "Eastern"
Ginuwine   "The Life"  
Girlfriend   "The New Me"
Girl in a Coma   "Both Before I'm Gone"
Glacial Fear   "Frames"
Glam Bam Thank You Ma'am   Compilation
God  "God"
Godhead   "2000 Years Of Human Error"
Godhead   "Evolver"

Godhead   "At The Edge Of The World"
Godsmack   "The Other Side"
Godsmack   "Awake"
Godsmack   "IV" 
Godzilla   Soundtrack
Go Go's   "Go Go's Collection"

Go Itr Alone   "The Only Blood Between Us"
Goldie.Co.Uk   Compilation
Good Charlotte   "The Young and the Hopeless"
Good Clean Fun   "Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place"
Goodness   "Goodness"
Good Riddance   "Operation Phoenix"
Goodie Mob   "Still Standing"
Gordon   "Gordon"
Gorillaz   "Gorillaz"
Gothik   Compilation   Disc 1
Gothik   Compilation   Disc 2
Grade 8   "Grade 8"
Grammy Nominees 2003   Compilation
Grateful Dead   "Skeletons From The Closet: The Best Of Greatful Dead"
Gratitude   "Gratitude"
Gravity Kills   "Gravity Kills"
Gravity Kills   "Superstarved"
Gravity Kills   "Perversion"
Gravity Kills   "Manipulated"
Greatest Classical Hits of Brahms, The   Compilation
Greatest Classical Hits of Debussy, The   Compilation
Greatest Classical Hits of Dvorák, The   Compilation
Greatest Classical Hits of Haydn, The   Compilation
Greatest Classical Hits of Rossini, The   Compilation
Greatest Classical Hits of Schumann, The   Compilation
Greatest Classical Hits of Verdi, The   Compilation

Great White   "The best of"
Green Day   "Insomniac"
Gretchen   "Mouth Full Of Nails"
Gretchen   "In The Mean Time"
Grim Skunk   "Fieldtrip"
Groovenics   "Groovenics"
Guardian   "Smashes- The Best of Guardian 1993-1998"
Guerilla Black   "Guerilla City"
Guess Who, The   "Share The Land"
Gwen Stefani   "The Sweet Escape"
Gwen Stefani   "Love.Angle.Music.Baby"

Gypseyhawk   "Revelry & Resilience"
Hair & Skin Trading Co., The   "Jo In Nine G Hell"
Hair Of The Dog   "Rise"
Hair Of The Dog   "Ignite"

Halestorm   "Halestorm"
Halestorm   "Live In Philly 2010"
Hal Lovejoy Circus   "American Made"
Hammerfall   "No Sacrifice, No Victory"
Hammerfall   "Steel Meets Steel: 10 Years of Glory"   Disc 1
Hammerfall   "Steel Meets Steel: 10 Years of Glory"   Disc 2

Hammerfall   "Crimson Thunder"
Handsome Boy Modeling School   "White People"
Hangnail   "Hangnail
Hard As Hell   "Hard As Hell"   Compilation
Hard As Hell 2   "Rage From Within"   Compilation
Hard As Hell 3   "Kindled Souls"   Compilation
Hard As Hell 4   "Chaos Rising"   Compilation
Hard As Hell 5   "Beginning Of The End"   Compilation
Hard As Hell 6   "Rising Tensions"   Compilation
Hard As Hell 7   "Retribution"   Compilation
Hard As Hell 8   "Total Carnage"   Compilation
Hard As Hell 9   "Eradication"   Compilation
Hard As Hell 10   "Aftermath"   Compilation

Hasan Salaam   "Children Of God"
Hatebreed   "The Rise Of Brutality"
Hateplow   "The Only Law Is Survival"
Hatters, The   "You Will Be You"
Haunted, The   "The Dead Eye"
Have A Howlin' Halloween   Compilation
Hayley Westerna   "Odyssey"   Excerpts
Headlock   "It Found Me"
Headstones   "Nickels For Your Nightmares"
Heal These Wounds   "Deconstruct The Confines"

Heaven Shall Burn   "To Good To Steal From"
Heaven Shall Burn   "Wanderer"
Heavils, The   "Heavilution"
(hed)Planet Earth   "Blackout"

(hed)Planet Earth   "Broke"
Helio Prime   "Terror Of The Cybernetic Space Monster"
Hellhole   "Hellhole"
Hellogoodbye   "Zombies!Aliens!Vampires!Dinosaurs"
Helloween   "Better Than Raw"
Hellsing   "Raid"   Soundtrack
Hellsing   "Ruins"   Soundtrack
!Hero The Rock Opera   Compilation   Excerpts
hHead   "Jerk"
High Water Marks, The   "Songs About The Ocean"
Hilary Duff   "Metamorphisis"

Hilary Duff   "Most Wanted"
Hilary Duff   "Dignity'
Himsa   "Summon In Thunder"
Hinder   "Extreme Behavior"
Hiroshima   "Go"
Hocio   "Wrack And Ruin"
Hole   "Live Through This"
Hole   "Celebrity Skin"
Hollow   "Modern Cathedral"
Hollyfaith   "Purrr"

Holy Grail   "Times of Pride And Peril"
Home Alive The Art Of Self Defense   Compilation Disc 1
Home Alive The Art Of Self Defense   Compilation Disc 2
Homegrown   "When It All Comes Down"
Honest Don's Greatest Shits   Compilation
Hoobastank   "Every Man For Himself"
Hook   Soundtrack
Hootie & the Blowfish   "Cracked Rear View"
Hopelessly Devoted To You Volume 6   Compilation Disc 1
Hopelessly Devoted To You Volume 6   Compilation Disc 2
Hopesfall   "A Types"
Hotbox   "Lickity Split"

House of Heroes   "House of Heroes"
House of Lords   "Sahara"
Howard Stern Private Parts   Soundtrack
Howlin' Maggie   "Honesuckle Strange"

Hozier   "Hozier"
Human   "Out of The Dust"
Human Choice   "Burning Inside"
Hunchback Of Notre Dame, The   Soundtrack
Hunters & Collectors   "Ghost Nation"

Hurricane Bells   "Tonight Is The Ghost"
Hyper Static Union   "Lifegiver"
Hypocrisy   "A Taste of Extreme Divinity"

Ice Nine Kills   "Every Trick In The Book"
Iced Earth   "Alive In Athens"   Disc 1
Iced Earth   "Alive In Athens"   Disc 2
Iced Earth   "Alive In Athens"   Disc 3
Iced Earth   "The Dark Saga"

Iced Earth   "Framing Armageddon- Something Wicked, Pt. 1"
Icon For Hire   "Icon For Hire"
Icon For Hire   "Scripted"
Identity   Compilation
Identity 2   Compilation
Identity 3D   Compilation
Identity 4   Compilation
Identity 5   Compilation
Identity 6   "Behold Another World"   Compilation
Identity 8   Compilation
I Know What You Did Last Summer   Soundtrack
Ill Niño   "Revolution Revolución"

Imagine Dragons   "Night Visions"
Immortal Chorus   "Picking The Bones"
Imperial Drag   "Imperial Drag"
Impious   "Hallucinate"
In Battle   "Welcome To The Battlefield"
Inch   "Stresser"
Incubus    "S.C.I.E.N.C.E."

Incubus   "Light Grenades"
The Section   "The String Quartet Tribute To Incubus"
Independents, The   "Full Moon Arise"
India.Arie   "Voyage To India"
Indigo Girls   "Rites Of Passage" 
Injected   "Burn It Black"
Inner Truth   "Songs For A Broken Heart"
Insania   "World Of Ice"

Insomnium   "Winter's Gate"
Instruction   "God Doesn't Care" 
Interscope Records Fall Sampler   Compilation
In This Moment   "Beautiful Tragedy"
In This Moment   "The Dream"
In This Moment   "Blood"

Into The Woods   Soundtrack
I.R.A.T.E.   "Infinite Rebellion Against The Establishement"
Jact   "Jact"
Jagermeister   "Let It Pour"   Compilation
Jaheim   "Still Ghetto"
Jamie Walters   "Ride"
Jane Child   "Jane Child"

Janelle Monae   "The Archandroid"
Janis Figure   "Damage Control"
Jay Z   "Vol 3 Life And Times Of S. Carter"
J.DiMenna   "Awkward Buildings"
Jeckyll & Hyde   Soundtrack

Jeff Foxworthy   "Totally Committed"
Jennifer Lopez   "On The 6"
Jessica Cristina   "Jessica Cristina"
Jessie James   "Jessie James"

Jet Noise   "Angel With A Black Heart"
Jewel   "Pieces Of You"
Jewel   "This Way"
Jewel   "0304"
Jim Mills   "Hide Head Blues"
Jimmy Eat World   "Bleed American"
Jitterwheel   "Nothing To Carry"
Joan Jett   "The Hit List"
Joe Club   "Leave It Up to You"
Johnathan Rice   "Trouble Is Real"

Jonathan Davis   "Black Labyrinth"
Jonathan Young   "Young Does Disney Vol 1"
Jonathan Young   "Young Does Disney Vol 2"
Johnny Cash, The Legend Of    Compilation
Johnny Cash   "Blood Sweat And Tears"

Johnny Lang   "Lie To Me" 
Jonas   "Interpretive Dance"
Joss Stone   "Mind, Body & Soul"   Excerpts
Joydrop   "Viberate"
Judas Pries   "The Essential Judas Priest"   Disc 2
Juliana Theory, The   "Love"
Juliana Theory, The   "Emotion Is Dead"
July For Kings   "Swim"
Junkster   "Junkster"
Justifide   "Life Outside The Toybox"
Justin Timberlake   "Futuresex/Lovesounds"
Just Short Of Living   "Chasing The Blame"
K7 Records   Compilation   Disc 1
K7 Records   Compilation   Disc 2
K's Choice   "Paradise In Me"
K's Choice   "Cocoon Crash"
Kamelot   "Epica"
Kamelot   "The Black Halo"
Kansas   "Leftoverture"
Kanye West   "Late Registration"
Kelley Clarkson   "Breakaway"
Kenna   "New Sacred Cow"
Keren Ann   "Not Going Anywhere"
Kerli   "Love Is Dead"

Ke$ha   "Warrior"
Kevin Lyttle   "Kevin Lyttle"
Kevin Max   "Between The Fence & The Universe"
Kevin Rudolf   "In the City"

Kid Cudi   "Man On the Moon: The End of Day"
Killers, The   "Hot Fuss"
Killers, The   "Sam's Town"
Killing Flame, The   "Another Breath"
Killswitch Engage   "Alive Or Just Breathing"
Killswitch Engage   "The End Of Heartache"
King Dust   "Full DEnim Jacket"
Kingdom Come   "In Your Face"

Kingston Falls   "Armada On Mercury"
Kinzaza   "Number One In Shambala"
Kiss   "The Very Best Of"  Compilation
Kittie   "Spit"
Klover  "Feel Lucky Punk"
KMFDM   "WWIII Live 2003"
KMFDM   "Xtort"
KMFDM   "Adios"
KMFDM   "Naive"
Knuckledust   "Time Won't Heal This"
Korn   "A.D.I.D.A.S."   Single
Korn   "Korn"
Korn   "Life Is Peachy"
Korn   "Follow The Leader"
Korn   "Issues"
Korn   "Untouchables"
Korn   "Take A Look In The Mirror"
Korn   "Greatest Hits, Volume 1"
Korn   "See You On The Other Side"
Korn   "See You On The Other Side"  Bonus Disc
Korn   "Live And Rare"
Korn   Untitled
Korn   "Remember Who You Are"
Korn   "The Path of Totality"
Korn   "The Paradigm Shift"
Korn   "The Serentiy of Suffering"
Korn, The Electro-Industrial Tribute To    Compilation
Korn, Kloned & Remixed, A Tribute To    Compilation
Korn, The Piano Tribute To    "Broken Keys"
Korn, The String Quartet Tribute To    "The Hurt Inside"

Kristen Chenoweth   "Let Yourself Go"
Krypteria   "Bloodangel's Cry"
KT Tunstall   "Eye To The Telescope"

Kula Shaker   "K"   Disc 1
Kula Shaker   "K"   Disc 2
Kula Shaker   "Summer Sun"
Kumo   "Kaminari" 
Kurupt   "Kuruption! East Coast" 
Kurupt   "Kuruption! West Coast"

Kutless   "Hearts Of The Innocent"
Lacuna Coil   "Comalies"   Disc 1
Lacuna Coil   "Comalies"   Disc 2
Lacuna Coil   "Karma Code"
Lacuna Coil   "In A Reverie"
Lacuna Coil   "Unleashed Memories"

Lacuna Coil   "Shallow Life"   Disc 1
Lacuna Coil   "Shallow Life"   Disc 1
Lacuna Coil   "Delirium"
Lady Gaga   "The Fame"
Lady Gaga   "Born This Way"   Disc 1
Lady Gaga   "Born This Way"   Disc 2

L.A. Guns   "Cocked & Loaded"
Lam Candy   "Home Sessions"
L.A.P.D.   "L.A.P.D."
Last Drive, The   "Blood Nirvana"
Last Emperor, The   "Music, Magic, Myth"   Disc 1
Last Exile, The   "O.S.T. 2"   Soundtrack
Last Tuesday   "Resolve"
Laura Pausini   "From The Inside"
Lauren Hoffman   "Megiddo"
Leann Rimes  "I Need You"
Leaves' Eyes   "Vinland Saga"
Leaves' Eyes   "Lovelorn"
Led Zeppelin   "Led Zepelin III"
Left Setter   "Left Setter"
Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events   Soundtrack
Lennon   "5:30 Saturday Morning"
Lenny Kravitz   "Lenny"
Leona Naess   "Comatised"
Les Miserables, Broadway   Soundtrack   Dics 1
Les Miserables, Broadway   Soundtrack   Dics 2
Les Miserables   Soundtrack   Dics 1
Les Miserables   Soundtrack   Dics 2
Less Than Jake   "Losing Streak"
Let Go   "Let Go"
Lewis Black   "The White Album" 
Liars Academy   "Demons"
Lifer   "Lifer"

Lily Allen   "It's Not You, It's Me"
Limp Bizkit   "Three Dollar Bill Yall"
Limp Bizkit   "Signifigant Other"
Limp Bizkit   "Results May Vary"
Lindsay Lohan   "A Little More Personal (Raw)"
Linkin Park   "Hybrid Theory"
Linkin Park   "Meteora"
Linkin Park   "Reanimation"
Linkin Park   "Living Things"
Linkin Park   "Hunting Party"
Lion King, The   Soundtrack

Lions Lions   "Direction"
Liquid Gang   "Sunshine"
Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam   "Super Hits"

Little Nicky   Soundtrack
Live   "The Distance To Here"
Live   "Secret Samadhi"
Live   "Mental Jewelry"
Live   "Throwing Copper"
Live   "Birds of Pray"
Lobotomy   "Born In Hell"
Long Since Forgotten   "Standing Room Only"
Loose Trigger   "Against The Wind And Tide"
Lordi   "Get Heavy"
Lordi   "The Monsterican Dream"
Lordi   "The Arockalypse"
Lordi   "Deadache"

Lordi   "Babez For Breakfast"
Lordi   "To Beast or Not to Beast"

Lordi   "Scare Force One"
Lordi   "Monstereophonic"
Lordi   "Sexorcism"
Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King, The   Soundtrack
Lord Tracy   "Deaf Gods Of Babylon"
Loreena McKennitt   "The Visit"
Losa   "The Perfect Moment"
Los Lonely Boys   "Sacred"
Lost Breed   "Save Yourself"
Lost City Angels   "Broken World"
Lost Prophets   "Start Something"

Lost Prophets   "The Fake Sound of Progress"
Loud Rocks   Compilation
Luca Turilli   "King Of The Nordic Twilight"
Luca Turilli   "Prophet Of The Last Eclipse"
Luca Turilli   "The Infinite Wonders Of Creation"
Luca Turilli's Dreamquest   "Lost Horizons"
Lucubro   "I.O.I"
Lullacry   "Crucify My Heart"
Lullacry   "Vol. 4"
Lullacry   "Be My God"

Luna Mortis   "The Absence"
Lunar   Soundtrack
Lyfe Jennings   "Lyfe 268-192"

Lyzanxia   "Unsu"
Maarja   "First In Line"
Machine Head   "The Burning Red"

Machine Head   "Through the Ashes of Empires"
Machine Head   "Supercharger"
Machinemade God   "The Infinity Complex"
Madonna   "Hanky Spanky"   Single
Mahalia Jackson   "The Herald Angels Sing"
Malachai   "Ugly Side of Love"
Make Like A Tree   Compilation
Man Alive   "Open Surgery"
Manbreak   "Come And See"
Manday Huge   "Fat & Happy"

Mandy Moore   "Mandy Moore"
Manmade God   "Manmade God"
Man Will Sureender   "Man Will Sureender"
Manmadepredator   "Leng Tch'e"
Mannheim Steamroller    "A Fresh Aire"
Mannheim Steamroller    "Christmas 1984"
Mariana Trench   "Subsuasion"

Marie Digby   "Unfold"
Marilyn Manson   "Smells Like Children"
Marilyn Manson   "Holywood"
Marilyn Manson   "Lest We Forget"
Marilyn Manson   "The High End of Low"   Disc 1
Marilyn Manson   "The High End of Low"   Disc 2
Marilyn Manson, A Tribute To   "Anonymous Mesiah"
Mariner   "Amphibian"
Mark Copely   "Limited Lifetime Gaurantee"
Maroon 5   "Songs About Jane"
Marvelous3   "Hey!Album"
Mashlin   "Pushing Through The Seasons"
Mask Of Zorro,The   Soundtrack
Masquerade   "Flux"

Masterplan   "Aeronautics"
Masterplan   "Back For My Life"
Masters Of Horror   Compilation   Disc 1
Masters Of Horror   Compilation   Disc 2
Matter Underminded  "Matter Underminded"

Matther Good Band   "Beautiful Midnight"
Matthew West   "Happy"
Maxim Rocks   Compilation
Max Sharam   "...A Million Year Girl"
Mediaeval Baebes   "Salva Nos"
Mediaeval Baebes   "Worldes Blysse"
Medication   "Prince Valium"
Megadeath   "Countdown To Extinction"
Megadeath   "Youthanasia"
Megaherz   "5"
Melina Leon   "Corazon de Mujer"
Memento  "Beginnings"
Mercy Fall   "For The Taken"
Merlin   "Merlin's Milkbar Stereo"
Mesh StL   "Lowercase"
Metal   "Hymn"   Compilation
Metal   "Harmony"   Compilation
Metal   "Serentiy"   Compilation
Metal   "Meltdown"   Compilation
Metal   "Cadence"   Compilation
Metal = Life, Vol 2   Compilation   Disc 1
Metal = Life, Vol 2   Compilation   Disc 2

Metal Allegiance   "Power Drunk Majesty"   Compilation
Metal For The Masses 2   Compilation
Metal For The Masses 5   Compilation   Disc 1
Metal For The Masses 5   Compilation   Disc 2
Metal For The Masses 7   Compilation   Disc 1
Metal For The Masses 7   Compilation   Disc 2
Metal For The Masses 8   Compilation   Disc 1
Metal For The Masses 8   Compilation   Disc 2
Metal Massacre XII   Compilation

Metalium   "Demons of Insanity- Chapter Five"
Metallica   "Ride The Lightning"
Metallica   "Reload"
Metallica   "Black"   Disc 2
Metallica   "St. Anger"
The Blackest Album   Compilation

The Blackest Album 2   Compilation
The Blackest Album 4   Compilation
Metaphor Is Audio   "Your New Face Of Corruption"
Meter Records   "For You From The Underground"   Compilation
Methods Of Mayhem   "Methods Of Mayhem"
Michael Jackson   "Dangerous"
Michael Jackson   "Number Ones"
Michael Tolcher   Sampler

Midori   "Feng Shui, Vol. 2- The Mind Body and Soul Series"
Miley Cyrus   "Breakout"
Miley Cyrus   "The Time of Our Lives"

Milla   "The Divine Comedy"
Mind Bomb   "Mind Bomb"
Mindfield   "Deviant"
Ministry   "Greatest Fits"
Minor League, The   "Shot In The Dark"
Minus   "Jesus Christ Bobby"
Misc.   Compilation
Mistress Barbara   "Relentless Beats Vol 2"
Mobb Deep   "Murda Muzik"
Moke   "Superdrag"
Moistboyz   "Moistboyz II"
Monster Mash Rock 'N' Roll Party, The   Compilation
Moon   "Satan's Wept"
Moonspell  "Irreligious"   Disc 1
Moonspell  "Irreligious"   Disc 2
Moonspell   "Under Satanae"

Moonspell   "1755"
Morgoth   "Feel Sorry For The Fanatic"
Morbid Angel, A Tribute To    "Scream From Blasphemy"   Compilation
Mortal Kombat   Soundtrack
Mortal Kombat Annihilation   Soundtrack
Mosh Pitz   Compilation
Mother God Moviestar   "Mother God Moviestar"
Mother May I   "Splitsville"
Motive   "Once Tempest"
Motley Crue   "New Tattoo"
Moulin Rouge   Soundtrack
Moving Units   "Dangerous Dreams"
Mr. Bungle   "Disco Volante"
Mr. President   "Mr. President"
MTV Return Of Rock   Compilation
Mud   "Yearbook"
Mudvayne   "The End Of All Things To Come"
Mudvayne   "L.D. 50"
Mulan   Compilation
Mundanus Imperium   "The Spectral Spheres Coronation"
Murder Corporation   "Tagged And Bagged"
Murray Attaway   "In Thrall"
Muse   "Absolution"

Muse   "The Resistance"
Mushroomhead   "Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children"
Music, The   "Welcome To The North"
Mushroomhead   "XIII"
My Chemical Romance   "The Black Parade"

My Chemical Romance   "Danger Days- The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys"
My Darkest Days   "Sick and Twisted Affair"
My Dying Bride   "Meisterwerk 1"
My Fate   "Happiness Is Fiction"
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult   "The Beast of TKK"
My Little Funhouse   "Stand Under"
My Ruin   "The Horror Of Beauty"
My So-Called Punk Rock Life   Compilation
Mystik   "Perpetual Bieng"
Nappy Roots   "Wooden Leather"

Nas   "I Am..."
Nature's Fury   "Inferno Rock"   Compilation
Nature's Fury   "Blizzard Rock"   Compilation
Nature's Fury   "Tremor Rock"   Compilation
Nature's Fury   "Whirlwind Rock"   Compilation
Nature's Fury   "Magma Rock"   Compilation
Nature's Fury   "Tsunami Rock"   Compilation
Nature's Fury   "Drought Rock"   Compilation
NDE   "End Of Trust"
Nelly   "Suit"
Nelson   "After The Rain"
Neurotica   "Neurotica"
Nevermore   "The Godless Endeavor, Misc"   Compilation
New Dominion   Compilation
New Frontiers, The   "The New Frontiers"
New Noise   "Volume 5"   Compilation
New Noise   "Volume 8"   Compilation

New Years Day   "Malevolence"
Nickelback   "The Long Road"

Nickelback   "Daqrk Horse"
Nickelback   "All The Right Reasons"
Nickel Creek   "Why should The Fire Die?"
Nightmare Revisited   Compilation
Nightrage   "Descent Into Chaos"
Nights Like These    "Sunlight At Secondhand"

Nightwish   "Century Child"
Nightwish   "Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish"   Compilation

Nightwish   "Endless Forms Most Beautiful"
Nina Sky   "Nina Sky"
Nine Days   "The Maddening Crowd"
Nine Inch Nails   "Pretty Hate Machine"
Nine Inch Nails   "The Fragile: Left"
Nine Inch Nails   "The Fragile: Right"
Nine Inch Nails   "With Teeth"
Nine Inch Nails   "Ghosts I-IV"
Nine Spine Stickleback   "Prospector"
Nirvana   "In Utero"
Nirvana   "Incesticide"
Nirvana   "Nirvana"
No Doubt   "The Singles 1992-2003"
No One   "No One"
No Motiv   "And The Sadness Prevails..."
None Other   "Not In Anger"
Nonpoint   "Recoil"
Nonpoint   "Development"
Nonpoint   "Statement"

Nonpoint   "The Return"
Nonpoint   "Miracle"
Norther   "Mirror Of Madness"

Northstar   "Pollyanna"
Nothing Face   "Skeletons"
November's Doom   "The Knowing"
Nuclear Blast Allstars   "Into The Lightl"   Compilation
Nuclear Blast Allstars   "Into The Lightl"   Compilation   Bonus Disc
Nuclear Blast,  20 Years of   Compilation   Disc 1
Nuclear Blast,  20 Years of   Compilation   Disc 2
Nuclear Blast,  20 Years of   Compilation   Disc 3
Nuclear Blast,  20 Years of   Compilation   Disc 4
Nymphs   "Nymphs"
Oasis   "Heathen Chemistry"
Ocean, The   "Aeolian"
Offspring, The   "Greatest Hits"
Oleander   "February Son"
Oleander  "Unwind"

Oliver   Soundtrack
Olivia The Band   "Olivia The Band"
One Minute Silence   "Available In All Colors"
One Minute Silence   "Buy Now... Saved Later"
One Minute Silence   "One Lie Fits All"
One Way Ride   "Straight Up"
Operatica "O"   "Volume 1"
Operator   "Soulcrusher"
Opiate For The Masses   "The Spore"
Optimum Wound Profile   "Lowest Common Denominator"
Oracle   "Pool Of Dreams"
Orangutang   "Dead Sailor Acid Blues"
Orbit   "Libido Speedway"
Organic Infest   "The Way To Temptation"
Orgy   "Candyass"
Orgy   "Vapor Transmission"
Orgy   "Punk Static Paranoia"
Otis Redding   "The Ultimate Otis Redding"
Oumeiyiren Yishoucheng Mingqu   Compilation Disc 1
Oumeiyiren Yishoucheng Mingqu   Compilation Disc 2
Our Lady Peace   "Gravity"

Our Lady Peace   "Naveed"
Ours Precious   "Ours Precious"
Outhouse   "Welcome"
Outspoken   "Bitter Shovel"
Overkill   "Relixiv"
Over The Edge   "Over The Edge"
Ozzy Osbourne   "The Ozzman Cometh"
Ozzy Osbourne   "Down To Earth"
Ozzy Osbourne   "Scream"
Pacifier   "Pacifier"
Pain of Salvation   "Pain of Salvation" 
Painstake   "Consecrate"
Papa Roach   "Getting Away With Murder"
Papa Roach   "Infest"
Paper Route   "Absence"
Paria   "Misanthropos"
Pat Benatar   "The Best Of Pat Benatar, Vol 2"
Pawn Shoplifters, The   "Whickey Lane"
Pax Cecilia, The   "Blessed Are The Bonds"
Peaceful Moments   "Soothing Harp"
Peaceful Moments   "Calming Flute"
Peaceful Moments   "Relaxing Piano"
Pearl Jam   "Ten"
Pearl Jam   "Rearview Mirror"   Disc 1
Pearl Jam   "Rearview Mirror"   Disc 2
Peregrins   "Peregrins"
Perfect Circle, A   "Mer de Noms"
Perfect Circle, A   "Thirteenth Step"
Petey Pablo   "Still Writing My Diary: 2nd Entry"
Phantom Of The Opera   Soundtrack
Phaser   "Sway"
Picture Me Broken   "Wide Awake"
Pillar   "Fireproof"
Pillar   "Where Do We Go From Here"   Limited Edition
Pillar   "For the Love of the Game" 

Pillar   "Above"
Pills   "Electrocaine"   Compilation
Pink   "M!issunaztood"
Pink   "Try This"
Pink   "Can't Take Me Home"
Pistoleros, The   "Hang On To Nothing"
Pitch Shifter   "Desensitized"
Pitch Shifter   "Industrial"
Plain White T's   "All That We Needed"
Plan E   "Songs For A Rainy Day"
Playing For Change   "Playing For Change Live"   Compilation

Please Mr. Gravedigger   "Here's To The Life of the Party"
Pluto   "Pluto"
Pocket Change   "Golden"
P.O.D.   "Satellite"
P.O.D.   "The Fundamental Elements Of Southtown"
P.O.D.   "Payable On Death"
Point Blank Range   Compilation
Point Blank Volume 1   Compilation

Poison   "Native Tongue"
Popsicko   "Off To A Bad Start"
Porno For Pyros   "Porno For Pyros"
Porno For Pyros   "Good God's Urge"

Posies, The   "Amazing Disgrace"
Powderfinger   "Odysseynumberfive"
Powerman 5000   "Tonight The Stars Revolt"
Powerman 5000   "Transform"
Power Of Omens   "Rooms Of Anguish"
Power Symphony   "Lightbringer"
Power Trio From Hell   "American Man"
Pray For Light   Compilation
Precious Death   "Precious Death"
Presidents of The United States of America, The   "Presidents of The United States of America, The"
pre)Thing   "22nd Century Lifestyle"
Pretenders   "Last Of The Independents"
Pretty & Twisted   "Pretty & Twisted"
Pridebowl   "Yesterdays End"
Prince & the New Power Generation   "Diamonds and Pearls"
Prince of Egypt, The    Soundtrack

Proclaimers, The   "Sunshine On Leith"
Prodigy, The   "The Fat Of The Land"
Professional Murder Music   "Professional Murder Music"
Project 86   "...And The Rest Will Follow"
Propolis   "Luce Canons"
Proud To Be American   Compilation
Psycho   "Civilized"   Compilation
Psychotogen   "Perverse And Unnatural Practices"
Psycore   "Psycore"
Puddle Of Mudd   "Come Clean"

Puddle Of Mudd   "Life On Display"
Pulse   Soundtrack
Punisher, The   Soundtrack
Purple People Eater Party Music   Compilation
Prince Of Egypt, The   Soundtrack
Princess Princess   "Princess Princess"
Pyramaze   "Melancholy Beast"
Queen   "Greatest Hits"
Queen   "Greatest Hits III"  
Queen Of The Damned   Soundtrack
Queens of The Stone Age   "Lullabies To Paralyze"
Queensryche   "Operation: Mindcrime"
Quiet Riot   "Extended Versions"
Quiet Room, The   "Introspect
Ra   "From One"
Ra   "Duality"
Ra   "Black Sun"
Radakka   "Requiem For The Innocent" 
Radial Angel   "One More Last Time"
Radiohead   "Go To Sleep"
Rainbow Butt Monkeys   "Letters From Chutney"
Rain Fell Within   "Believe"
Rammstein   "Rosenrot"
Rammstein   "Live Aus Berlin"
Rammstein   "Sehnsucht"
Rammstein   "Herzeleid"
Rammstein   "Mutter"
Rasmus, The   "Dead Letters"
Rasputina   "Cabin Fever"
Raven Youth Infusion   Compilation
Ravenettes, The   "Pretty In Black"
Ray Munns   "Ray's House"   Compilation
Rearview Mirror   "All Lights Off"
Reckless Kelly   "Wicked Twisted Road"
Red   "End Of Silence"
Red   "Innocence & Instinct"
Red   "Until We Have Faces"

Red   "Gone"
Red   "Of Beauty And Rage"
Red Belly   "Red Belly"
Red Hot Chili Peppers   "Blood Sugar Sex Magik"
Red Hot Chili Peppers   "One Hot Minute"
Red Hot Chili Peppers   "Stadium Arcadium"   Disc 1
Red Hot Chili Peppers   "Stadium Arcadium"   Disc 2
Red Jumpsuit Apparatus   "Don't You Fake It"
Red Vianna   "Stained Glass Babies"
Refreshments, The   "Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big & Buzzy"
Reigndeer Rock   Compilation
Reign Of Terror   "World Of Hurt"
Reliant K   "Mmhmm"
R.E.M.   "The Best Of The I.R.S. Years 1982-1987 And I Feel Fine"
R.E.M.   "The Best Of The I.R.S. Years 1982-1987 And I Feel Fine"   Bonus Disc
Remembering Never   "Suffocates My Words To You"
Republica   "Republica"
Resident Evil   Soundtrack
Resident Evil: Apocalypse   Soundtrack 
Reunion Records Sampler   Compilation
Reveille   "Bleed Sky"
Revelations Records Sampler   Compilation
Revelation Theory   "Truth is Currency"
Revis   "Places For Breathing"
Revolution Smile   "Above The Noise"
Rhapsody   "Power Of the Dragonflame"
Rhapsody   "Rain Of A Thousand Flames"
Rhapsody   "Symphony Of Enchanted Lands II -the Dark Secret-"
Rhapsody   "Tales From The Emerald Sword Saga"
Rhapsody   "Prometheus- Symphonia Ignis Divinus"
Rhythm Collision   "Collision Course"
Rhythm Collision   "Crunchtime"
Richard Misfeldt   "Rainstorm Mix"
Riddlin' Kids   "Stop The World"

Riddlin' Kids   "Hurry Up And Wait"
Ride The Sky   "New Protection"

Rise, The   "Reclamation Process"
Rising Moon   "Hate From Heaven"

Rival, The   "State of Mind"
Roadkill   "Sleazy & Greazy"   Compilation
Road Rage V1   Compilation
Roaring Lion   "Roaring Lion"

Robbie Williams   "Escapeology"
Rob Rule   "Rob Rule"

Rob Zombie   "Educated Horses"
Rob Zombie   "Hellbilly Deluxe, Vol 2"
Robyn   "Robyn Is Here"
Rock Ridge Music Artist Sampler Volume 8   Compilation

Rocky Horror Picture Show, The   Soundtrack
Rogue's Gallery   Compilation   Disc 1
Rogue's Gallery   Compilation   Disc 2
Rorschach Test   "Peace Minus One"
Rory Gallagher   "Calling Card"
Rory Gallagher   "Jinx"
Roundtree   "Mercy For The Kind"
Royden   "Best Friends Our Worst Enemy"
Rubyhorse   "Goodbye To All That"
Rubyhorse   "Ruse"

Rumble Fish   "Rumble Fish"
Run Lola Run   Soundtrack
Runner Up   "First To Lose..."
Running Wild   "The Brotherhood"
Rush   "Chronicles"   Disc 1
Rush   "Retrospective, Vol 1 (1974-1980)"

Sabaton   "The Art of War"
Sabians, The   "Beauty For Ashes"

Sacrament   "Testimony of Apocalypse"
Sacred Steel   "Reborn In Steel"
Saddle Creek 50   Compilation   Disc 1
Safetysuit   "Life Left To Go"
Sahara Hotnights   "Kiss & Tell"
Saigon Kick   "Saigon Kick"
Saliva   "Every Six Seconds"
Saliva   "Back In Your System"
Saliva   "Survival Of The Sickest"
Saliva   "Cinco Diablo"
Samael    "Passage"
Samael   "Aeonics An Anthology"
Samael   "Era One"   Disc 1
Samael   "Era One"   Disc 2
Sanctus   "Aeon Sky"
Sanguinary   "Dream To Reality"
Saor Patrol    "Full Throttle"
Saor Patrol    "Two Headed Dog"
Sapranitum   "Despoilment of Origin"
Sara Evans   "Greatest Hits"
Sarah Hudson   "Naked Truth"
Sarah Jezebel Deva   "The Corruption of Mercy"
Sarah Brightman   "Eden"
Sarah Brightman   "Fly"   Disc 1
Sarah Brightman   "Fly"   Disc 2
Sarah Brightman   "Classics - The Best of Sarah Brightman"
Saturday Morning, Cartoons' Greatest Hits   Compilation
Saraya   "When The Blackbird Sings..."
Savatage   "Dead Winter Dead"
Savatage   "The Wake Of Magellan"
Savior Servant   "Savior Servant"
Scarlet Pimpernel, The   Soundtrack

Scars of Tomorrow   "Rope Tied To The Trigger"
Scar Symmetry   "Pitch Black Progress"
Scene Not Heard   Compilation
Scheer   "Infliction"
Scorpions   "Crazy World"

Scorpions   "Pure Instinct"
Scorpions   "Best Of Rockers And Ballads"
Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies, The   "The Screamin' Cheetah Wheelies"
Screaming Jets, The   "Tear Of Thought"
Screaming Trees   "Sweet Oblivion"
Screw 32   "Under Influence Of Bad People"
Sean McCann   "Lullabies For Bloodhsot Eyes"
Sea Of Souls   "Flowers And Landmines"
Sea Of Souls   "Anthology"   Disc 1
Sea Of Souls   "Anthology"   Disc 2

Sebastian Schmidt   "Elysium"   Soundtrack
Second Coming   "Second Coming"
Secret Sphere    "Scent of Human Desire"
Seether   "Disclaimer"
Seether   "Karma And Effect"
Seether   "Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces"

Selena Gomez & The Scene   "A Year Without Rain"
Semisonic   "All About Chemistry"

Senses Fqail   "Let It Enfold You"
Serart   "Serart"
Serj Tankian   "Elect The Dead"
Set Your Goals   "Mutiny!"   Disc 1
Set Your Goals   "Mutiny!"   Disc 2

Sev   "All These Dreams"
Sevendust   "Sevendust"
Sevendust   "Homet"
Seven Mary Three   "Rock Crown"
Seven Mary Three   "Dis/Location"

Seven Wiser   "Seven Wiser"
Seventh Day Slumber   "Once Upon A Shattered Life"

Seventh Wonder   "Tiara"
Severed Perceptions   Compilation
Shadowbreed   "Only Shadows Remain"
Shadow Drop   "Overshadowed"
Shakira   "Oral Fixation, Vol 2"
Shank 456   "The Big Payback"
Shannon Lawson   "Chase The Sun"
Shapiro   "You Are Alone.EP"
Shatterproof   "Slip It Under the Door"
Shaun Groves   "Invitation To Eavesdrop"
Shedaisy   "Knock On The Sky"
Sheryl Crow   "Sheryl Crow"
Sheryl Crow   "The Globe Sessions"
She Wants Revenge   "She Wants Revenge"
She Wants Revenge   "This Is Forever"
Shinedown   "Leave A Whisper"
Shiner Massive   "Shiner Massive"
Shins, The   "Oh, Inverted World"

Shook Ones   "Facetious Folly Feat"
Shovelbarn   "Shovelbarn"
Shoveljerk   "Swarm"
Shred Vol 1   Compilation
Shriekback   "Sacred City"
Shyness Clinic, The   "Sea Of Redlights"

Sia   "Colour The Small One"
Signed With Hate   "The Worst Intentions, They'll Kill Us All"
Silent Cry   "Goddess Of Tears"
Silvertide   "Show And Tell"
Sinch   "Sinch"
Sinnistar   "Future Shock"
Sins of Thy Beloved, The   "Perpetual Desolution"
Sister 7   "This The Trip"
Six Feet Deep   "Struggle"

Six Feet Under   "Graveyard Classics"
Sixteen Deluxe   "Emits Showers Of Sparks"
Skid Row   "Skid Row"
Skid Row   "Slave To The Grind"
Skillet   "Alien Youth"
Skillet   "Collide"
Skillet   "Rise"
Skindred   "Babylon"
Skindred   "Roots Rock Riot"
Skinlab   "reVolting Room"
Skinny Puppy   "Brap [Nettwerk]"   Disc 1
Skinny Puppy   "Brap [Nettwerk]"   Disc 2
Skrape   "Up The Dose"
Skrape   "New Killer America"
Skullview   "Kings Of The Universe"
Sky   "Piece Of Paradise"
Slave Arc   "Structural Damage in The Blueprint Of Humanity"
Slave To The System   "Slave To The System"
Sleepless   "Winds Blow Higher"
Slik Toxik   "Doin' The Nasty"
Slipknot   "Slipknot"
Slipknot   "Iowa"
Slipknot  "Antennas To Hell"   Disc 1
Slipknot  "Antennas To Hell"   Disc 2

Slipknot   "Vol.3 - The Submliminal Verses"
Sloppy Meateaters   "Forbidden Meat"
Sloth   "Dead Generation"
Slur   "Independence"
Small Towns Burn A Little Slower   "Mortality As Home Entertainment"

SmashUp, The   "Being And Becoming"
Smeer   "Dischord"
Smeer   "Loud & Clear"
Smile Empty Soul   "Smile Empty Soul"

Snowgoons   "Black Snow"
Soak   "Soak"
Social Distortion   "Social Distortion"
Society   "Slacker Jesus"
Soil   "Throttle Junkies"
Soil   "Scars"
Soil   "Redefine"
Soil   "True Self"
Solid Vision   "The Hurricane"
Somatics, The   "Almost There"
Something About Vampires and Sluts   "We Break Our Own Hearts"
Something Happens   "Bedlam A Go Go"
Sonata Arctica   "Unia"
Sonata Arctica   "Silence"
Son Of Fugger   "Radio Comedy Ads Nauseam"
Soul Asylum   "Grave Dancers Union"
Soul Asylum   "And The Horse They Rode In On"
Soul Asylum   "Let Your Dim Light Shine"

Soulspell   "Hollow's Gathering"
Sounds Of Excellence   "Classical Relaxation"
Sounds Of Nature   "Humpback Whale Serenade"
Soundtrack Of Our Lives, The   "Origin Vol. 1"
South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut   Soundtrack 
Sparta   "Porcelain"
Speak No Evil   "Speak No Evil"
Speak No Evil   "Welcome To The Downside"
Speaks, The   "Life's A Joke"
Spectre VII   "Equipoise"
Speedking   "The Fist And The Laurels"   Disc 1
Speedking   "The Fist And The Laurels"   Disc 2
Spiderbite Radio.com Volume 1   Compilation
Spies   "Music of Espionage"
Spineshank   "The Height Of Callousness"
Spineshank   "Self Destructive Pattern"
Spirit of Hardesertrance, The   "Thepshycodelicsunrisemixfromdreamcanyon"   Compilation
Spite   "Bastard Complex"
Splendor   "Halfway Down The Sky"
Splithabit   "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is"
SRI   "Gravity Reminds Me"
Stabbing Westward   "Ungod"
Stabbing Westward   "Darkest Days"
Stabbing Westward   "Wither Blister Burn & Peel"
Stacie Orrico   "Stacie Orrico"
Staind   "Dysfunction"
Staind   "Break The Cycle"

Staind   "The Illusion Of Progress"
Starflyer 59   "My Island"
Staring Back   "On"
Starling   "Sustainer"
Static In Stereo   "Static In Stereo"
Static-X   "Beneath...Between...Beyond..."
Static-X   "Machine"
Static-X   "Start A War"
Stavesacre   "(Stavz'a'ker)"
Steelheart   "Steelheart"
Steel Prophet   "Dark Hallucinations"
Stephanie Smith   "Stephanie Smith"
Stepping Stone: Volume 1 Compilation
Stereo Fuse   "Stereo Fuse"
Stereomud   "Perfect Self"
Stereomud   "Every Given Moment"
Steve Turre   "Steve Turre"
Stick   "Heavy Bag"
Stigmato Inc.   "Reality Check"
Still Screaming   Compilation

Sting   "The Best of 25 Years"
Stone Sour   "Stone Sour"
Stone Sour   "Come What(ever) May"

Stone Sour   "Audio Secrecy"
Stone Temple Pilots   "Shangri-La Dee Da"
Stormy Weather   Compilation
Story Of The Year   "In The Wake Of Determination"
Strange Celebrity   "Remedy"

Straylight Run   "Straylight Run"
Strength In Numbers   "Strength In Numbers"   Compilation
Strung Out   "An American Paradox"
Styx   "Greatest Hits"
Subject To Change   Compilation 
Subrosa   "This Is The Music, Not The Band"
Suck Taste Spit   Compilation
Subliritum   "Dark Prophecies"
Sucker Punch  Soundtrack
Sugarcult   "Palm Trees And Power Lines"
Suicide Silence   "The Clensing"   Disc 2   Compilation
Sullied, The   "Meltdown"
Sully   "I have Much To Report"
Sunscreem   "O3"
Superchic[k]   "Last One Picked"
Superchic[k]   "Rock What You Got"

Superchic[k]   "Beauty From Pain"
Superchic[k]   "Beauty From Pain 1.1"
Superchic[k]   "Karaoke Superstars"
Superdrag   "Last Call For Vitriol"
Superstar DJ Keoki   "Inevitable Alien Nation"

Supertramp   "Breakfast In America"
Suppresion Swing, The   "Greeted With Closed Arms"
Surface   "To Millennium...And Beyond"
Surgery   "Shimmer"
Susan Boyle   "I Dreamed A Dream"
Susie Suh   "Shell"   Single
Sven Gali   "Inwire"
Swimmer   "[Surreal]"
Sweet Nothing   "Not Waving But Drowning"

Switchfoot   "Oh! Gravity"
Switchfoot   "Dare You To Move"
Sword, The   "Gods of The Earth"
Sygnet, The   "Children Of The Future"

Symphony X   "Iconoclast"   Disc 1
Symphony X   "Iconoclast"   Disc 2
Symphorce   "Godspeed"
Synthetic Pleasures Volume One   Compilation
Syrinx   "Crystal Cliffs"
Systematic   "Somewhere In Between"
System Of A Down   "Steal This Album"
Tad   "Infrared Riding Hood"
Tad   "Inhaler"
Tab Benoit & Jimmy Thackery   "Whisky Store Live"
Take Action Volume 6   Compilation Disc 1
Take Action Volume 6   Compilation Disc 2

Take The Crown   "Let The Games Begin"
Taking Back Sunday   "Louder Now: Part Two"   Disc 1
Tales From The Crypt   "Have Yourself A Scary Little Christmas"
Tanners Graduation Mix   Compilation
Tantric   "Tantric"
Tarot   "Suffer Our Pleasures"
Tarzan   Soundtrack
t.A.T.u   "200 KM/H In The Wrong Lane"
t.A.T.u  "Dangerous And Moving"
t.A.T.u.   "The Best"
Team Sleep   "Team Sleep"
Tearin' Up The Dance Floor   Compilation

Tech N9ne   "Absolute Power"
Tech N9ne   "Planet"
Technological Malfunction   Compilation
Technological Deprivation   Compilation
Technological Laceration   Compilation
Techno Tim   "Techno Tim"
Telling, The   "Blue Solitaire"
Ten Inch Men   "Pretty Vultures"
Terminal Power Company   "Run Silent Run Deep"
Testify   "MMMYA0000"
Thanks To Gravity   "Start"
Theatre Of Tragedy   "Velevet Darkness They Fear"
Theocracy  "Theocracy"
There For Tomorrow   "There For Tomorrow"
Therion   "Sirius B"
Therion   "Lemuria"
Thin White Rope   "The One That Got Away"   Disc 1
Thin White Rope   "The One That Got Away"   Disc 2
Third Day   "Third Day"

Third Day   "Chronology"
Third Eye Blind   "Third Eye Blind"
Third Eye Blind   "Blue"

This Beautiful Republic   "Perceptions"
This Day Forward  "In Response"
This Day Forward   "Fragments Of An Untold Story Born By Shunning The Opportunity"
This Is Americana, Vol. 1: A View From Sugar Hill   Compilation
Thought Industry, The   "Recruited To Do Good Deeds For The Devil"   Compilation
Three Days Grace   "Three Days Grace"
Three Days Grace   "One-X"
Three Days Grace   "Life Starts Now"
Three Years Down   "Kill The Cool"
Thriving Ivory   "Thriving Ivory"
Through The Eyes of The Dead   "Bloodlust"
Tiamat   "Commandments - An Anthology"
Time In Malta   "Alone With The Alone"
Titan A.E.   Soundtrack
Toasters, The   "Don't Let The Bastards Grind You Down"

Tokio Hotel   "Scream"
Tokyo   "Tokyo"
Tokyo   "Swan King"
Tom Harrell   "Live At The Village Vanguard"
Tomita   "The Planets"
Tommy & Rumble   "Those Guys Blow Chunks!"

Tommy & Rumble   "How Much To Have a Party?"
Tommy & Rumble   "Wardrobe Malfunction"
Tommy & Rumble  "Queer Eye For the Morning Guy"
Tommy & Rumble   "Zeroes"
Tommy & Rumble   "Yes!!!"
Tommy Lee   "Never A Dull Moment"

Tommy Lee   "Tommyland The Ride"
Tonic   "Lemon Parade"
Tonnagemp: A Compilation   Compilation
Toon Tunes Action-Packed Anthems   Compilation
Tooth & Nail Rock Sampler Volume 2   Compilation
Too Young To Die   Compilation
To The Bone   Compilation

Toto   "A Rock And Roll Band"
Transmatic   "Transmatic"

Transport League   "Grand Amputation"
Trans-Siberian Orchestra   "The Lost Christmas Eve"
Trans-Siberian Orchestra   "The Christmas Attic"
Trans-Siberian Orchestra   "Christmas Eve And Other Stories"
Trans-Siberian Orchestra   "Night Castle"   Disc 2
Trans-Siberian Orchestra   "Upon The Winter Solstice"

Trapt   "Someone In Control"
Trembling Blue Stars   "Alive To Every Smile"
Trik Turner   "Trik Turner"
Tripl3fastaction   "Broadcaster"
Tristania   "Beyond The Veil"
Tristania   "World Of Glass"
Trust Company   "True Parallels"
Trust Company   "The Lonely Position Of Nuetral"
Trustkill Fall 2004 Sampler   Compilation
Trustkill Takeover   Compilation
Twelfth Gate   "Summoning"
Twisted Method   "Escape From Cape Coma"
Two   "Voyuers"
Two Lone Swordsmen   "Further Reminders"
Type O Negative   "October Rust"
Type O Negative   "Life Is Killing Me"
Ultra Noir   Compilation
Ultrapull   "From All Directions"
Ultraspank   "Progress"
Unbroken Circle, The   "The Musical Heritage Of The Carter Family"
Uncle Ho   "Small Is Beautiful"
Uncle Kiljoy   "Uncle Kiljoy"
Undercover   "I Rose Falling"
Underground, The   Compilation
Underground Assault Comilation Volume 1   Compilation
Underground Screams   Compilation

Underøath   "Define The Great Line"
Union Underground   "An Education In Rebllion"
Universal Soldier The Return   Soundtrack

Unjust   "Glow"
Unkle    "Psyence Fiction"
UnSun   "The End Of Life"
Untouchable Foundation   "Underground Superiors"
Unwritten Law   "Elva"

Unwritten Law   "Music In High Places"
U.D.O.   "Steel Factory"
U.P.O.   "No Pleasantries"
Uriah Heep   "Raging Silence"
Used, The   "The Used"
Utada   "Exodus"
Valentine   Soundtrack
Vallejo   "Into The New"
Van Halen   "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge
Van Halen   "OU812"
Van Morrison   "Timeless Classics"
Vaporhead   "Vaporhead"
Vehemenge   "Helping The World To See"
Vena Amori   "The Seduction Of An American Housewife"

Veronicas, The   "Hook Me Up"
Versus The Mirror   "Home"
Vertical Horizon   "Everthing You Want"
Verve Pipe, The   "Villains"
Victory Metal   Compilation
Vitamin C   "Vitamin C"

Vitamin C   "More"
Vhaldemar   "Fight To The End"
Victory Records   Compilation
Victory Records 2002 Sampler   Compilation
Victory Records 2008 Summer Sampler   Compilation
Victory Records 2008 Fall Sampler   Compilation
Vince Neil   "Carved In Stone"
Violent Femmes   "Add It Up (1981-1993)"
Virtuocity   "Secret Visions"
Vision Divine   "The Perfect Machine"
Vision of Disorder  "From Bliss To Devastation"
Visions of Atlantis   "Eternal Endless Infinity"
Visions of Atlantis   "Trinity"
Vitality   "Crucial Wires"
VNV Nations   "Empires"
VNV Nations   "Judgement"
Voices of Forgotten Worlds   Compilation   Disc 1
Voices Of Forgotten Worlds   Compilation   Disc 2
V Shape Mind   "Cul-De-Sac"

Wakefield   "Which Side Are You On"
Warm Guns, The   "Blown Away"
Warriors, The   "Beyond The Noise"
Warriors, The   "Genuine Sense of Outrage"
Wartime   "Fast Food For Thought"
Waterdown   "All Riot"
Wavorly   "Conquering the Fear"
Wayd   "Decadance"
Waylon Jennings   "The Essential Waylon Jennings"

Weezer   "Maladroit"
Welch, Brian "Head"   "Save Me From Myself"
Whale   "All Disco Dance Must End In Broken Bones"
Whatever Makes You Merry   Compilation

What's Going On, All Star Tribute   Compilation
Whippersnapper   "The Long Walk"
Whitecross   "In The Kingdom"
White Heart   "Highlands"
White Zombie   "La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Vol 1"
White Zombie   "Astro-Creep: 2000"
White Zombie   "Supersexy Swingin' Sounds"
Whitney Houston   "The Greatest Hits"   Disc 2
White Stripes, The   "White Blood Cells"
Wicked   Soundtrack

Willie Revillame   "Giling Giling"
Wisin y Yandel   "Los Extraterrestres"
Witch Hunter Robin   Soundtrack
Withered   "Folie Circulaire"
Within Temptation   "The Heart Of Everything"
Within Temptation   "The Silent Force"
Within Temptation   "The Unforgiving"

Within Temptation   "Hydra"
Without Grief   "Absorbing The Ashes"
W.O.M.B.   "Kinetic Music For The People"
World Party   "Egyptology"
Woven   "8 Bit Monk"

Write This Down   "Write This Down"
:Wumpscut:   "Schrekk & Grauss"
WWE   "Wreckless Intent"   Compilation
WWE   "Presents Raw Greatest Hits: The Music"   Compilation
WWF   "Theme Music Volume 4"   Compilation
WWF   "Theme Music Volume 5"   Compilation
WWF   "Forceable Entry"   Compilation
WWF   Compilation
X Factor 1   "American Dream"

XTC   "Nonsuch"
XTC   "Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol 2)"
Yankovic, 'Weird Al'   "Running With Scissors"
Yankovic, 'Weird Al'   "Bad Hair Day"
Yellow Second   "Altitude"
You In Series   "Outside We Are Fine"
Young Dro   "Best Thang Smokin'"
You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown   Soundtrack
Youth Gone Mad   "Day Job"
Yuki Kajiura   ".Hack//Sign"   Soundtrack
Yuki Kajiura   ".Hack//Roots"   Soundtrack
Yuki Kajiura   "Le Portrait de Petit Cossette"   Soundtrack
Yuki Kajiura   "Noir"   Soundtrack
Yuki Kajiura   "Noir II"   Soundtrack
Zoe   "Hammer"

Zombie Nation   "Kernkraft 400"
Z-Trip   "Shifting Gears"